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Always a nugget in there

Basic news aggregator, but I always find a story that I find interesting that I dont see elsewhere. Nice app


The app gets updated to my liking and now it has ads when I open it. Deleting 🙄.

Need Army Times

This is one of the best news sources ever!!! Would be even better if it had a military section!!!

Love this app, but too many ads of late.

Please reduce the number of interfering ads for a much higher rating. Otherwise I love this app and the news they bring so easily to us.

Great and easy

Love the choices of articles one can put in. Page flipping is by far my favorite part


Newsbreak is very fast and easy to read, its convinient to use dictionary for a English learner.

Excellent app

Love this app. I get all my news from this one app and am always informed with notifications.

Very good news reader app

I really like the fact it has so many news topics. Its also very easy to share stories with friends and family

Five Stars

Pulls best stories from various news outlets so they are in one place.

Latest update

Iive used this app for a couple years now. Love it but eve since your last update stories arenit downloading all the way. The screen shows part of the story then just a white screen no matter how far you scroll. Itis not downloading anything. Itis a blank screen. Please fix it!

Fake news

Your to much alt right to give any speech about fake news . The president is alt right he lies all the time , talk about fake .

Good news app....

Its a great app with genuine news. I like that I can add my news sources the variety is great. One can go with the old established news sources or the new ones. Vice News, BuzzFeed, Vic, Mother Jones and others. I could be wrong but I didnt notice The Guardian as a choice. Nevertheless its a great App. I like to thank the developer/res for such excellent App.

Like it. Read it daily.

The news I chose. I like the headline pop up. I hope it will be the first place I read that Trump is impeach.

Very informative

Itis an excellent source of information.

Sweet news app

Iive tried them all and this app is the best and is completely unbiased because it gathers news from so many different sources.

Offensive collection of liberal crap

Left leaning collection of millennial whiner articles, full of curse words, divisive rhetoric etc. If your even remotely intelligent and a mind of your own, donit bother with this app.


Great App

Garbage news from both extremes

It only took 5 minutes scrolling through the headlines, and looking at the sources to see this was just a compilation of fake news and garbage reporting from both the far right and the far right. Lots of “YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED NEXT” style headlines (complete with the obligatory all-caps typeset). Don’t waste your time, unless you are looking for fake news all in one place. Real news is somewhere else, not here.

Good App!

Nice app! My goto app for news.

I love Newsbreak

I love the topics approach, since thats how I search for news, and Newsbreak does that for me. Other apps give me specifically BBC, NYT and the like. Combined with Pocket this gives great offline access.

Exceptional app!

I love this app its a great way to get a lot of news in a small amount of time. And it gives many different perspectives and I appreciate that. I highly recommend this app.


I go to (and have gone to) Newsbreak every day. I love this app!

The best!!!!!

The first news app Ive found that does exactly what I was looking for it to. Only brings me the stories I care about and also gives me options to broaden my interests.

Liberal bias

Could’ve have been a great app. Deleted after two days after seeing every other story was anti-Trump bias. The “news” seems to be an agenda arm of the DNC.

Newsbreak is a beautiful app

Newsbreak is a beautiful, informative and smart app which has become better with each update. If you like a variety of news in an exquisite presentation, this app is for you.

Love it

Read it before bed nightly! Sometimes I have to kill the app to get it to refresh.


This app is fun


Does exactly what it says

Love Newsbreakboars

I can always find something interesting to read about on here. There are hundreds of stories to choose from.

Simply The Best

Newsbreak is hands down one of the best places to get news from any realm. Its simple, easy, and based on what you like and dislike. Newsbreaks feed takes away all the articles that you dont find interesting. Hands down a great app.

Newsbreak is my go to app for standing in line

I use this app anytime Im stuck in a long line or during my commute. Quick news headlines and good content.

If I could it would be zero stars

Joke of a news site. Thought it was going to be unbiased news. Was worse than cnn

Too bias

I am deleting your app after this review. You constantly write and report negative stories about trump and his supporters. You must be affiliated with CNN or MSNBC. I can handle negative stories about the right, but there is never anything negative about the left. You go do a weeks worth of reports on Maxine Waters alone, not to mention Hilary and Nancy Pelosi... how do you people sleep at night? Also, I’m reading a lot of positive reviews, I suspect they are fake as well!


Notifies you that there's a porn advert they want you to see.

The videos doesn’t have sound

I downloaded this app but the videos doesn’t have sound, I checked my phone and other apps and everything is fine, so how you can fix that, so that I can hear the videos..

Bias liberal news

Some news on here is legit but a lot of bias liberal crap that I don’t care for so just like all the other news apps if it doesn’t stop I will delete it would put more stars but until the bias continues I’m leaving it

A favorite

Excellent app. Makes reading on my phone practical - and easy.


I like it a lot! I couldnt believe all the categories there were to pick from. I can actually see the print. You dont get every news item there is, but you get plenty. I dont know why I didnt get it before. You wont be sorry for picking this one.

Newsbreak is great

I have used Newsbreak for a magazine I created two years ago. I enjoy searching for content and then saving it on my magazine is done in a snap! If you are looking for topical content, search Newsbreak or create your own.


Fantastic way to see social media

Perfect news source

I love that I can pick categories Im interested in.

Perfect News Delivery for ME!

I love being able to quickly Newsbreak through the day - that is very friendly and I have never experienced a problem with it in the years Ive used it!

Always interesting.

I enjoy the variety of information available on Newsbreak. I particularly like the paged animation.

Love it

Really Really good app!!


Love this app. Its great for news and other stuff

Liberal/Leftist Propaganda App

All Fake News. All the time. Don’t waste your time if you want the truth.

I like it

Its a great app that lets you choose what kind of content you want to read and theres tons of different kind of topics to choose from. Its my to go app for news and all kinds of different entertainment.


Use it to get all my news now

My go-to app..

First app I open in the morning..

Great app

This is a good idea flipping through pages with great news articles to go along with it. So many different topics to choose from makes it even better. No complaints over here just love the app !!

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