News Break: Local & World Now App Reviews

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This is very good. I like this.

This is very good. I like this.

Nightly routine

The best way to end the night, this app.

Great App

Love this app. Use it everyday

Great app.

Love it. All news I need at my fingertips.


I spend more time in Newsbreak each day than any other app on my iPad. Its a must have for anyone who enjoys learning more about topics of interest and exploring topics you didnt even know about. The interface is beautifully designed the list of categories is infinite.


Good news app.

Love the new design!

Awesome sauce


A great app. Covers many subjects with the latest news, also opinions and reviews. A good way to use some free time to keep up with current events and topics you are interested in.


Great app. Easy access to great news articles.


Used to use zite. It had a lot of my interests. Its getting better

Shows me news from Detroit only

I’m in Columbus Ohio and the app knows that.

Alt right ain’t right

The app highlights right and further right written articles to users, regardless of what you select as your likes. F12 Edit/update:i just cleared my feed... WHY IS BREITBART even allowed on here? I just blocked three obviously red/right wing sites.... deleting.


Great news site and the format works well. My new favorite news portal. My most used App!!

Best app to read your news

I cannot recommend this app for iPhone any longer. I use it to read my twitter feed and they have made retweeting a chore. My only regret is that I cannot find another app to replace it...

Newsbreak is a life changer!

If you want to be informed and not waste a lot of time doing it...thats the place to come! You get so much information within minutes without all the blá-blá-blá that any news tv program has. Great app! I check on it every single day!

Newsbreak is the Best

My favorite site online! So awesome how you can customize what you read. I cant say enough about this site!!!

Cant stop autoplay videos

The newest version includes autoplay on news story videos with no way to stop them. With limited data on the go I cant do that. Such a game.

Great app!

One of my favorite apps. I use this everyday!


I love the improvements.

No sound

Since last update Ive lost sound in videos embedded in articles please correct

Newsbreak makes News easy

Have been trying to figure out a way to get the news I want easily and quickly. Newsbreak is the ticket!

Best news app

I use this every day while on the to

Love it

Amazing app for getting the latest articles on all your favorite topics.

Good news aggregator.

Great for the morning bus ride into the city.

Relevant Content/Great UI

The content I get is not just from generic news sources, but plenty of niche publications. Moreover, the scoreboard like animations make it a fun app to use. Highly recommend.

Great update

The new Newsbreak gets me to articles I care about fast. And the app design looks awesome.

If it aint broke...

Absolutely no reason to change this app. Used throughout the day, every day. Now Ive moved on. Fake 5 star reviews cannot save this app/company.

My major source of news

I have been using this app for a few years. Its one of my go-to sources.

Very useful

Always great content that can be applied to your daily life.

Keeps getting better with age

I love this app as my default way to discover and shares articles and stories. It keeps improving with every update.

A relief from live TV

I like choosing.

Great app

I love the set up - the news articles are so well laid out, dividing themselves into separate categories for easy access to what you really want (and dont want) to read.

Best News Aggregator Ive Used To Date

This app does what it does very well. I was able to find all the news sources I normally keep up with in this one app, allowing me to delete several stand-alone apps to free up space on my device. Rating the app on the news sources rather than the functionality is bogus. If the source isnt what you want dont include it in your feed. Five stars.

Clean cache

Please add clean cache feature. This app alone is hogging over 500mb for documents & data

good for reading!

very good,recommend it to everyone!

Love Newsbreak

I try to get news from a bunch of sources, and this app lets me choose to read independent, conservative and liberal news articles, all in the same place. I really appreciate the added channels, so I can keep up on specific topics important to me, such as womens health and travel. I have already recommended this app to friends and I will continue to do so.

Okay news but not fair news

This news app is designed brilliantly but the articles are clearly against ANYTHING trump. I would have given this app a 5-star rating if they could just be more fair to trump.

Only News App You Need

I have deleted all other apps and added them as tabs within Newsbreak.

Could be better

Interesting service. Could be better. I use it every couple of days as others apps can be tailored to my interest but this does have some articles I do not find elsewhere.

News U can use...

Best source for different news outlets...

Only news you need

This app covers so many news areas that you can pick and choose. This is the last site I check before calling it a day.


I’ve tried to delete this fake new app and can’t get rid of it!

Awesome news app

I love this app!!! You can customize it to topics and regions of the world. I really like the feature of the soccer tab!


This is the best app on my device.


So bummed I deleted the previous version by accident. The previous version allowed you to delete news stations you did not want. The new version does not do that. Instead its arranged by topic. Thus the app decides what outlets you will be reading #Failure.

I love this app

I use this app everyday. It brings me news stories from all types of sources.

Needs minor improvement

This is a really good app for news from a variety of sources, but it needs some minor improvements. There should be an option in settings to default instead of having to click it after opening an article. In addition, there should be an option to change the number of articles in each section. Lastly, it would be cool to have a dark mode.

Great Improvements 👏

It has been almost 1 year since I wrote my last review. I am amazed at how much News Break is getting attacked by these “fake news” 1 star reviews… I have been using this app for 2 years now. From their 1.0 version covering a lot of non-breaking news like gardening and healthy eating to current 2.x version covering more headline and local news, I see the developer of this app has made a lot of improvements. ‘Fake News” is a challenge issue that big tech companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple are fighting hard to against it. In the other way, the traditional media/news companies like CNN, Fox News are fake news in some people’s definition. In fact, there is no truth or false. As time pass, history will show the truth. But ironically sometimes history itself was wrong written by someone’s perspective… Using AI to solve fake news is not an easy task, it requires a lot of data, time and money. I think we should keep supporting the tech companies like Facebook, Google and News Break to fight against fake news. There for goodness in this app, for example it’s local news covers not only big cities but small towns across US. For example when I opened News Break on my trip to Truckee, CA, I knew what’s happening around me. But sadly most of them are crime or traffic accidents and sometimes the location are set wrong ( ps. I accidentally found out I can change the location by taping the city name in Local tab). To developers, please listen to me as a long-time News Break customer. I like breaking news but isn’t it too much crime or traffic accident news? It would be great if you can cover more news like local events, deals, education and etc. The traditional local news media are fading out, the small shops in our neighborhood could not survive in this e-commerce trend, wouldn’t it great if you can help our local communities like the bulletin board in the local super market … (sorry I am an old school grandpa). Secondly, I am really not Kim Kardashian fan. I think I just read an article talking about Kim Kardashian by accident and next day different stores talking about her start appearing in the app. Even I clicked ‘Not Interested’ or ‘Report a Concern’ on Kim’s articles, you still give me articles somehow related to her, either Kylie, Khole or Kanye West....I understand she has big family but please remove Kim Kardashian from my For You … but no Kendall Jenner, I think she is the exception

Simple and fast

No glitches yet for me, loading articles without pictures and video speeds up times when Im on data.

no smash cache

as a news app, how can you dont have smash cache function?

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