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Bottom-feeder clickbait crap

The notifications from this app are, as the title reads, bottom-feeder clickbait crap. If it’s not about some female celebrity’s breasts, it’s low-quality politically charged click chum. Terrible.

To much Kardashian’s crap

All this site is, is the worst of gossip crap like Kardashian’s literally 70% is dedicated to non news. I’m deleting it today.


You guys are doing awesome 👍💡😊so keep up the good Work.....very good info....📡

Fake News/Far Right Wing

Since NBC’s Breaking News app was discontinued I’ve been looking for a good breaking news app that mixes local news, with your preferences/chosen topics and curated breaking news. This app is close. But it pushes out so much fake news, tabloid news, and far right wing BS that I’m getting close to deleting it. So close. Just fix the bugs and the bias and properly curate the news. Honestly, emulate Breaking News and do what NBC couldn’t. I think there’s a huge amount of demand for such an app.

Full Screen ?

I enjoy seeing and reading the news but would greatly appreciate if the developers would allow full screen tilt on IOS devices, there are currently no settings for this option in the apps settings. I have tried using the full screen icon but to no avail, will not full screen even with the phone tilted sideways. I hope the developers read this, and Thank You !!

Inaccurate garbage

Drama, fake news, constant “alerts” for news from days ago. Just junk to get people to click on it. Beat junk like this at their own game, and delete it. It’s the only way to keep an app like this from making money distributing other news outlet’s news, or just garbage they can find all over the web.

Fake news. This app hates Trump

I do like the fast notifications of my local events. But the constant Trump bashing has got to stop. I will be removing another fake news app from my phone.

Stuck on splash screen.

The app doesn't even launch. It stuck on the splash screen and says no network connection even though I have perfect internet.


This app should allow you to pick what type of news you want to be notified about. I do get some local news, which I do like. However, I really could care less about the Kardashian’s or Brad Pitt. That’s not news, it’s gossip and I certainly don’t want alerts about them. I may give this app a little more time, but I’ll probably delete it.

Apple Watch

With the latest update the watch side will no longer refresh. Nice app on the phone side but needs to also work on watch side.


I like the idea of local breaking news but give me a break! If the first article is 10, 15, 20, hours or more old, how is this breaking news!


Updated app to “fix bugs” now videos won’t play!!!

Too many misleading headlines

I like this app for bringing me local news. However there are too many missed leading headlines that make you think the story will be bigger or more important than it is. That’s fake news to me. Just tell me what’s happening and I’ll decide how important it is and what to think about it.

No feed

What the hell?!?! Ever since the recent update (I have iPhone 6) all I get are ‘error’ messages!!

Worst app of the year!

You will be inundated with Constance news breaks… I even got an eminent message that a nuclear bomb was on the way to Ventura, I was really really upset with this app, it should be shut down for false news and the constant barrage of News Break’s that are the silliest bits of information!!!

Playback error: ID: -o2-0VnwAXBWM9Zj

Every time I try to look at a video it says “an error occurred. Please try again later. Playback -o2-0VnwAXBWM9Zj. Not happy with this at all. This happens on every video. I’ve tried deleting and redownloading the app and still nothing. Please fix it or I will be deleting this app permanently.

Completely bogus

The news stories that came up were not even legitimate stories. Don’t waste your time on this awful app.

Worst news app if you actually want news

Fluff, nonsense, and worse. No news through this app, but rather opinion articles pushing one agenda or another.

News articles.

I get tired of my news articles being filled with garbage. I thought I could control what news articles I get. I either get political news or teacher sex scandal news. I’m sick of the same old topics popping up. It’s really annoying. I would like more positive articles.

Totally absurd dealing with this app

I have now had at least 15 to 20 alerts for the same story in the last 30 minutes. Have not commented on it, but it still keeps coming up. I will now be deleting it, and it better stop. I took a screenshot of the madness, but can not share on here. Also left feedback on the app it self


To many fake news sites. They don’t check if the sites are reliable news media mixed in with real news media sites. Very disappointed had the app for over a year keep hoping it will improve and this AM top article from a blog with fake news. Will not recommended this site unless you want fake news mixed in with real professional news sites. Deleted app.

Non News App

No hard news at all. Huge waste of time. Makes Huffpost look good😡

App locks up

This app freezes up, you can’t scroll, can’t close the app. Don’t waste your time with this one.

Great app

Awesome app for staying up to date on all kinds of news!

Could have been great (read on)

So I, like so many in the world today, are looking for a reliable source for news whiteout bias and nonsense, something that is not falling into this latest trend of “fake” news (and at least tries to be balanced). Since the Apple news app has such limited options if you don’t want ridiculous alt-left sources I tried this app. In 3 of the last 3 days I have been blasted with major story’s that seemed very serious & valid involving the government, and caused me to open the story, which ended up being 100% fake. It was almost like reading a supermarket tabloid that appeared legit and made you think something very serious happened, then once you read you find the headline absolutely was a bait and switch. This app allows the crap information to come through and appears to allow politically biased and fake foolishness to be displayed. I will give it a couple more days to ensure it’s not isolated, but the plan is to delete the app if it continues. I’m not interested in games and bs when I want news! (NOTE: I made it a few more hours and 2 more bull crap stories came through,..I deleted it then) Another thing, I like to be notified when breaking news happens, sadly this app doesn’t allow for custom sounds on the notification, so whatever your txt alert sound is will belong to this app too. Bummer!

Local “feature” not worth it

Pushes mostly click-bait and news from unverified sources or conspiracy websites. “The Guardian”, “Conservative Tribune” etc. Not worth it. Look for something else.

Trash news - not based on fact

The news on this app is obviously not written by real journalists, it's written by emotional right wingers. Don't download it!!!!!!!!

Lots of racist propaganda here

This has to be a Russian bot site can't be real

Explicit Content

I’m giving this app ONE star because it seems to be able to show SOME articles related to your interests. Although they claim these news articles to be from reputable sources - MOST ARE NOT. The advertisements and many of the articles contain explicit content (topless & nude pics) that are totally unrelated from the interests you choose. Please clean up the content and remove the less reputable news sources - or let us choose which news sources to see. This app doesn’t do a very good job at showing relevant, reliable, clean, or interesting content. Don’t bother downloading it until they fix these issues.


Crashes on iPhone 7 Series 3 watch

Click-bait pusher hidden as news

It’s a click-bait pusher hidden behind a news frontend. Constant click-bait and ads slipped into notifications amongst a few actual news stories. Then switched for ‘real’ news sources after you refresh, as if all the scam bait stuff just disappeared. Real stories seldomly load if clicked on. Update: More click-bait, this time on the shooting and the ‘Strange’ thing the shooter did that left people speechless, seriously Newsbreak? Deleting. The 5 star reviews must be fake... figures.

Too much fake news

This app features a lot of ‘news’ sites with questionable integrity and lots of ALL CAPS. I’m better off with Apple News.

Love local News!

Easy to use, and good to read news from local and national in one app.

Love the new update !!

I have used this app for around 6 months, I love their local news push notification that I can easily find out what’s happening around me and warning my friends and family. On this new update I am surprised I can follow my interests and keep up to date with that by simply follow that in the new “following” tab. The new bottom slider also make it easily to browse different pages and refresh articles. I would love to share my this app and recommend it to my friends and family!! 👍

Got everything I like

This app not only keeps you informed of the latest headlines and local news, but also delivers all your interests. It seems the more times I use it the smarter it will be. Will recommend it to all my friends.

Always on the top of breaking news

I like how it is organized. That makes it simple to find what I am looking for without delay. Fast and efficient news delivery from diverse and trustworthy sources. FANTASTIC!

Waste of time

Flashy headlines that lead to junkie news articles. If you have nothing else to read then maybe this is the news channel for you... but you WON’T to be well-informed, guaranteed! DELETED.

The new slider is awesome!

It’s the best news app. I can choose the topics and it seems know what I like to read. All the news is right to my taste. The slider is very easy to use. It’s more easy the change between topics. It would be even better to have more videos.

Yesterday's News

After watching and reading the NewsBreak news, I have deleted the app off my phone. Everything I see on this app is yesterday's news. It might be okay for the person that is not on any Social Media where they would see what is going on local, State,Country or World Happenings .

Could be good

I can only see about 25% of the stories I try to open. The others just show a white screen and I can't see the story 😥.

Poorly designed

Must have Facebook to enjoy Commonly click on notifications and cannot view Fix you bugs, that would be breaking new


I'll receive an interesting notification and get nothing when I click on it. Very frustrating. I still read what's available but what's the point if you can't access all you want to read?


I would give this app NO stars if I could. It's very frustrating when I receive a notice from you giving me headlines to a news report THEN when I click on it I CAN NEVER FIND THE STORY. I AM DELETING THIS APP NOW!!! I don't have time for this. After you've worked out your kinks, I may come back. Thanks.

Great app

Love getting my news so fast


It's ridiculous that you HAVE to have a Facebook account to write a comment. Not everyone wants to be associated with that liberal crap of a social network. I'm deleting this app. Also, I wouldn't call CNN & the rest of the liberal, lying media a trusted news source. They are all corrupt liars not to be believed or trusted anymore.

No Thanks

Just a bunch of old tired liberal talking points. Deleted it!

Great News App

Love this news app, easily customizable and informative!!

Breaking News confusion

This app is confused about what constitutes "Breaking News". I routinely have advertisements and entertainment news pop up as news breaks. Don't bother.

Excellent Resource

I love this app. I was struggling to get timely information about current events, until I got this app. Now I have the most current information and can easily get more information about any specific topic that interests me. I can be a better citizen because I know what's going on.

Needs correction

My local news is Albuquerque, NM. USA. I put USA because on the top of EVERY page in my local news is the map of MEXICO. Someone needs to learn what the 50 states are. New Mexico is part of the USA.

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