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Biased app and unprofessional

You praise the Liberal party and the Clinton Cartel and the No Bammas way too much. Every other article is misspelled words and hate towards our President and you show how biased you truly are. You praise blacks like no tomorrow and whatever is blocked and not interested you ignore it. Serena Williams was in the newsfeed at least 30 times a day. Blacks in football and basketball you send 50 times a day. We cannot choose our newsfeed at all because you send me everything YOU LIKE !!!! Liberal owned and operated you are and frauds and anti-American dirt. Yeah, your newsfeed STINKS !!!! DRAIN THE NEWS BREAK SWAMP!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️President Trump 2020 !!!!!! You have now removed the thumbs up on the posts. You continue to be a thumbs down 👎🏿But your newsfeed has definitely improved.




I keep getting fooled into thinking all these news articles are factual! They are all fake! What’s the point, man? There’s even an add on here showing how “not pregnant” a pregnant woman can look.

Block doesn’t block

Blocking doesn’t work. This app continues to show me crap stories from sources I blocked.

Worst news app ever

Fake news app. If you like fake new then you will love this app. yesterday it said 50-Cent was shot. Almost implying that it was rapper 50 Cent. Who cares about a guy nicknamed 50-Cent?! Not me.

A day behind

News reported is a day late. I already read all of these news stories yesterday.

Plenty of Click Bait. 😡

50-Cent dies (yeah, not that 50 Cent) Trump rants (left) Barack rants (right) So on and so forth The only positive...local news was at least legit. Uninstalled the app.

Ridiculous app

Don’t bother please. This says it’s local news, but it’s not. That doesn’t stop it from implying that the news happened in your town. Then when you go to read the article, you can’t. I just deleted it after telling everyone 50 Cent was shot and killed, something that isn’t true. I should have double checked, but didn’t so that’s on me. But I’d rather not have to research news myself after my news source presents it to see if it’s correct or not. Click bait 100%

The App

Great app on a daily basis.

Love Newsbreak

Ive been using this app for a few months now and I love it. Gives a wide range of news sources that are personalized to my interests.

Make a new feature

A new feature that we can combine two folders

Was the best

Ive been a Newsbreak evangelist from the beginning. I cannot tell you how many people Ive turned on to you. Im sad to say I can no longer. Good bye Newsbreak Im sorry it had to end. It was great while it lasted.

My first app review ever

This is my first app review and for good reason. I have never felt so strongly about how awesome an app was until now. This app saves time entering urls and searching for relevant content you are interested in. It also exposes you to many great new sites/writers. The user experience is also incredible. Been using this for about an hour and Im already in love!!!

The best news app

Its awesome, good things to read, and also it has some entertainment on it.


Works as advertised love my Newsbreak in the morning with my cup of favorite joe!!!!!

A delight

The app is now the first place I go for news.

I love Newsbreak!

Newsbreak is fantastic...from the design, articles, broad interest topics & real time news updates.

Like a candy store

The vast amount of sources of information Newsbreak pulls from goes beyond my capabilities. I feel glutinous with articles; spilling out my mouth and all over my face.

Great App!

Clean, easy to use. Content is engaging.

Wonderful News Curation

This is the only news curation app I use and it is consistently updated with great new features. I recommend this to everyone!

Would give less stars if I could

Pop up ads are ferocious not worth the effort to read the news

Local news clutter

Easy to use but local news feature is seriously flawed because it doesn’t distinguish between cities with the same name. I live in Columbus Ohio but the local news tab includes Columbus Georgia and Columbus Indiana. Local news is therefore useless

Need some improvements...

This is the Best rss reader! But, a Mark or other way to show if a article already ready is welcome!

Best news app for great magicians young and old alike

The best to keep yourself buddy any updated with current events and tasty recipes

Love it

Love the app..pretty much addicted to it. Just wish it would better mix the topics i choose to follow and feed them to me.


Best news app

Love it

Love it

New update issues

Love this app but new version keeps crashing. Never had an issue and adore this app but new update is rough

Love Newsbreak!!!!

I get to choose the articles I want to read - subjects in which I am interested. And I can modify that interest list...

Great app

Very useful and great app.

Best All Around News/Info App There Is!

What a fantastic app! You can custom tailor it to all the subject matter that your interested in. Just awesome!

Turn the volume down!

This would be a great app, but the developers decided to blast music and/or ads at full volume with no way to turn them off. The second you launch the app the noise starts — so sad, because the app would be great otherwise. As it is, you can’t view the app at work or in public without disturbing everyone around you.

Great app last customization

Great app for all in one news! But I have not found a way to customize what news I get. If there is a way, it is not easy.

Style meets news

More than just a news aggregator, the interface provides a stylish and polished experience. Save stories for reading later or create an archive. Well worth the download.

Once set up, its well worth it

Works as well as you tell it to. Very good writing, stories covered and pretty easy set up. Well worth the small effort to customize.

Love it!

Best news aggregation app! I look forward to opening it every morning and frankly, any other time I have a second to spare.

Great App

Great App

Excellent resource

Great content easy to use.

Great App!

I love using this app and have shared with friends to use it as well. Thanks for a great app, endless reading!

So much fake news

So much fake news


The most useful and amazing app of all time

The Best

The best news app by far. You can tailor it to what interests you and very easy to use. Would rate it 10 stars if possible

How I Get My News

Always works for me.

Excellent app

I absolutely love this app. Can set up my news preferences and search many different articles in one single app.

Love it

Amazing app

I love it

I have been going through many news apps, then I found newsbreak, it was easy to customize and fun to read, have bot found anything like what the other reviews say.

Love me some Newsbreak!

This is my go to app for news and all my other interests. I love how easy it is . Keep it up!

Great app

Read it every day and always has something interesting!

Very good!

This is probably one of the best app that I have installed. Very informative and interesting articles. Thank you!

Newsbreak Makes Me Happy

So I really like Newsbreak. Occasionally the pop ups on some web pages make it buggy but for the most part its perfect.

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